Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hair gels can cause acne

Did you know that hair gels can trigger acne on the face? Well, sadly this is true. I learnt my lesson after a long wait. I used to get really painful acne all over my face. Several of them kept coming in bunches all the time. All kinds of advice started pouring in. don’t eat oily food, wash your face more often, use neem tablets, I followed everything. But it did not help much. One of my relative then suggested going for acne consultation with Dr. Health skin clinic. There I met one lady doctor by name Dr. Pranjal Shamsher who checked my skin and asked me a few questions. She asked whether I had oiled my hair because it appeared sticky. I told her I was used to applying gel to set my hair and that I had been doing it ever since, long before I actually had acne. But she asked me to stop it. She said if I continued the medicines would not work. She suggested I cut my hair very short so that the need to style them would not arise and they would also not irritate my forehead skin. Weird suggestion… I first thought, but followed it still. She gave some medicated scrub which really cleaned my face very well. Also advised me to use face packs and gave some tablets. It helped, after so many days; my skin started appearing oil free. She had also told me to only touch my face using tissues and not with bare hands. So all you friends, hair gels can cause acne. So if you have acne, try stopping the gel. It might really work.